12th cycle of dramatized readings with M’he casat amb tu per alegria


We present the 12th cycle of dramatized readings with M’he casat amb tu per alegria written by Natalia Ginzburg and directed by partner Maria Casellas.

The cast is made up of actress Assun Planas, partners Andrea Portella, Míriam Escurriola and Marc Pujol.


It’s been a week since the wedding of Pietro and Giuliana, a couple who have known each other for just over a month. He is a wealthy class lawyer, tired of a conventional life where order reigns. She, an eccentric girl of rural and humble origin who, after leaving home at the age of seventeen, has managed to fend for herself in a city that has not been kind to her. Pietro has invited his mother to lunch, who does not take kindly to this hasty wedding. Quite a trial by fire for the young woman who is very far from the traditional values ​​of her mother and who is looking for new formulas to understand love and find happiness.

I married you for joy is Natalia Ginzburg’s first play, with characters who both question the bases of their existence and talk about the most banal things. With lively and delirious dialogues, the piece portrays a society clinging to its traditions that comes into contradiction with the new social realities that are emerging. A reflection on the mechanisms of happiness; love and falling in love; and the balance between avoiding fate or submitting to it.