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This LEGAL NOTICE sets out the general information that information society service providers are
required to make available to consumers and users, as required by Art. 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on information
society services and electronic commerce.

Accordingly, the following tips are reported:

1.- The Internet domains and constitute the website of the company SERVEIS DE L’ESPECTACLE FOCUS,
S.A. (hereinafter FOCUS) whose founding purpose is the creation and exploitation of shows and venues for artistic

2.- FOCUS has its headquarters in Carrer Ávila, 149-155, Barcelona. And it is registered in the
Mercantile Register of Barcelona, ​​volume 7001, book 6276, section 2a, folio 155

3.- FOCUS has the CIF A58116369

This LEGAL NOTICE is intended to regulate access and use and, in general, the relationship between
this Portal (hereinafter WEBSITE), accessible at Internet addresses
and , And WEBSITE users (hereinafter users).


Access to WEBSITES and attributes the condition of user and implies the full and
unreserved acceptance by the user of each and every one of the conditions contained in this LEGAL NOTICE.

The contents of this LEGAL NOTICE are subject to change, so user acceptance will be subject to the
LEGAL NOTICE issued by FOCUS at the time the user access your WEBSITE. Therefore, every time the user accesses the
WEBSITE he will have to read this LEGAL NOTICE carefully.

Also access to the WEBSITES and is subject to all warnings, conditions of use and instructions made
known to the user by FOCUS which replace, supplement and / or modify this LEGAL NOTICE.


The user agrees to use the services, products and utilities offered by FOCUS through its WEBSITES www.focus .cat and in
accordance with the law, this LEGAL NOTICE and other notices and instructions knowledge of the user, as well as
generally accepted morals and good customs and public order.

In general, access to WEBSITE information and utilities does not require prior subscription or user
registration. However, access to any of these services or products offered through the WEBSITE may be conditional upon
the completion of the subscription or registration form. For this purpose, the user guarantees the authenticity and
veracity of all the personal data that he communicates when filling in the subscription or registration form. The user
agrees and is responsible for maintaining all the information provided so that it responds, at all times, to their
current situation. The processing of personal data provided by the user will be carried out by FOCUS in accordance
with the Personal Data Protection Policy contained in this WEBSITE.

In general, the services that FOCUS provides to users, affiliated visitors and partners, through its
WEBSITES www.focus .cat and
are free of charge, unless, in specific cases, the contrary.


FOCUS is committed to complying with personal data protection regulations and guarantees full compliance with its
obligations, as well as the implementation of the security measures provided for in the European Data Protection
Regulation and the Spanish data protection regulations.
For more information, see our Privacy Policy .


FOCUS or, on its behalf, a third party contracted to provide audience measurement services, may use cookies
when a user browses the sites and pages of the WEBSITE. Cookies are files sent to a nthrough a web server
to record user activities on the WEBSITE.

The cookies used by FOCUS or a third party acting on its behalf are associated only with an anonymous user
and their computer, and do not in themselves provide the user’s personal data.

When the user allows their reception, they will be able to know the server that uses the
, for which they will have to consult the instructions for use of their browser.

Thanks to cookies , it is possible for the FOCUS server, or the third party server acting on its behalf, to
recognize the browser on the computer used by the user in order to make browsing easier. , which allows, for example,
access to previously registered users, access to areas, services, promotions or contests reserved exclusively for them
without having to register for each visit. They are also used to measure audience and traffic parameters, and to monitor
the progress and number of entries.

The user has the ability to configure their browser to warn them on the screen of the receipt of cookies and
to prevent them from being installed on your hard drive. Please refer to your browser’s instructions and manuals for
more information. In order to use the WEBSITE, it is not necessary for the user to allow the installation of the
sent by FOCUS, or the third party acting on its behalf, without prejudice to the need for the user to
start a session as such in each of the services, the provision of which requires prior registration or login.

FOCUS web servers also automatically detect the IP address and domain name used by the user. All
this information is recorded in a server activity file that allows the subsequent processing of the data in order to
obtain statistical measurements that allow to know the number of page impressions, the number of visits made to web
services, etc. .

It is currently being measured with Google Analytics solutions. These solutions use anonymous on-page markers and
cookies to analyze what happens on our pages. You can learn more about the privacy policy at Google Analytics .


FOCUS includes on its WEBSITE a series of contents specific to an electronic publication, prepared
by FOCUS, or through collaboration agreements with other entities (hereinafter referred to generically as CONTENTS).
FOCUS provides its users, through the WEBSITE, multiple services (hereinafter SERVICES).
Both the SERVICES and the CONTENTS offered to users may be expanded in the future by FOCUS, bringing them all that
this section provides.

· Disclaimer for content provided by FOCUS to its users through the WEBSITE, and those accessible through the
WEBSITE search engine:

The contents of the web pages that users access through the WEBSITE search service are merely informative for all those
users who are interested in them, without their access generating a commercial, contractual or professional relationship
between users and FOCUS. . In case of discrepancies between what is published on the WEBSITE and the paper support, the
information contained in the latter support will prevail. Opinions, images, etc. provided by third parties are not
controlled by FOCUS, for which reason FOCUS is not responsible.
FOCUS excludes any liability for damages of any kind that may arise from access to content, information, advertising,
opinions, concepts and images, created by third parties and provided to users, or for accessible content. through the
search engine of the WEBSITE, which are contrary to law, morality, good faith and public order, and which infringe
intellectual, industrial property rights or contain any defects, defects, computer viruses or routine similar software.
At the time FOCUS became aware that some of the content, opinions and concepts hosted on the WEBSITE were contrary to
law, morality, good faith and public order or contained in any computer virus or software routine. similarly, it would
proceed to remove them.
FOCUS excludes any liability for damages of any kind that may arise from the capture and use by third-party
COLLABORATORS of the information, advertising, and opinions provided by users on the WEBSITE.
In any case, FOCUS is not responsible for the content, information and images that do not depend on theWEBSITE, nor are
they managed by FOCUS; even if they appear on the WEBSITE under a collaboration agreement signed or agreed upon by

· Disclaimer for content hosted on web pages accessible from the WEBSITE:
FOCUS is not responsible for the editing, revision, censorship and verification of the contents of the pages or
Internet sites with which the user connects through the search engine or hyperlinks included in the WEBSITE.
FOCUS is not responsible for any information, opinions and concepts that are broadcast, published or distributed
directly and indirectly through this WEBSITE, any interconnected website that is accessed through the WEBSITE, to
through links or any of the services that are linked to or related to this interconnected website.
FOCUS is not responsible for any misuse of the contents of the WEBSITE, which is the sole responsibility of the person
who accesses or uses it.
Users agree to use the WEBSITE and its SERVICES in accordance with the law, generally accepted morals and good manners
and public order.

· Disclaimer for the operation of the WEBSITE:
FOCUS continuously provides its services and content using all the technical means at its disposal in order to offer
this service satisfactorily.
FOCUS may, when it deems it appropriate, make corrections, improvements or modifications to the information contained on
the WEBSITE, the SERVICES, or the CONTENTS without this giving rise, nor right, to any claim or indemnification, nor
implying any acknowledgment of responsibility. .
FOCUS is not liable for any damages that may arise from the availability and technical continuity of the operation of
the WEBSITE. In any case, FOCUS will carry out all the necessary actions to restore its services in the event of a
technical failure.
FOCUS is not liable for any damages that may result from unauthorized third party knowledge of user data and use of the
WEBSITE through such data.

· Disclaimer for FOCUS or third-party promotions included on the WEBSITE:
FOCUS excludes any liability for the unavailability of the promotion due to technical issues not attributable to the
WEBSITE or its third party organizer.
FOCUS also excludes its liability for services, goods or products that may be purchased or contracted from third parties
through access on this WEBSITE, especially in those cases where the purchase or contracting process is carried out
directly in the third-party website, even if badges or a frame with the graphic elements of the WEBSITE ( branding
) appear.

· Exemption from liability for misuse of user passwords:
Users are solely responsible for their identification keys and access to the CONTENTS or SERVICES on the WEBSITE. This
identification consists of the secret code or password and the username.
FOCUS is not responsible for the misuse of users’ access keys for access to the CONTENTS or SERVICES of the WEBSITE that
require them and for the consequences arising from any misuse by users, loss or loss. forgetfulness or misuse by
unauthorized third parties.


The texts (information, concepts, opinions and other analogues) and graphic elements (design, logos,
source code and other analogs) that constitute the WEBSITE and are disseminated through it, as well as the their
presentation and assembly are either the exclusive property of FOCUS or it is FOCUS who holds the exploitation rights
of these through agreements with third parties.
In this sense, they are constituted as works protected by all Spanish and Community regulations in the field of
intellectual property, in accordance with Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of 12 April, approving the revised text of
the Intellectual Property Law and Law 5/1998, of 6 March, on the incorporation into Spanish law of Directive 96/9 / EC
on the legal protection of databases, and are thus the same applies to international treaties signed in this field.
FOCUS does not grant any license to use or authorize your industrial and intellectual property rights or any other
property or rights related to its WEBSITE, except with the express agreement of third parties.
Users may reproduce the contents of the WEBSITE for the sole purpose of storing, backing up or printing on paper for
private use.
Apart from the above, all reproduction is prohibiteddistribution, transformation, presentation, in whole or in part,
of the content of the WEBSITE or any of its elements, directly or indirectly through telematic networks or similar
media, for commercial purposes intended for the public or for further use of these, even if the source is cited,
provided that the express written authorization of FOCUS and, where applicable, third parties is not available.
Failure to comply with this will entitle FOCUS to take appropriate legal action.

The following are especially prohibited:
– The presentation of a page of the WEBSITE in the framework of another web page that does not belong to FOCUS, by means
of the technique called “framing”, if it does not have the express written consent of FOCUS.
– The insertion of an image broadcast on the WEBSITE on a page or database that does not belong to FOCUS, using the
technique called “in line linking”, if this does not have the express authorization of FOCUS.
– The extraction and use of the elements of the WEBSITE that may or may not cause any damage to FOCUS, in accordance
with the provisions of Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of 12 April, approving the revised text of the Intellectual
property law and Law 5/1998, of 6 March, incorporating into Spanish law Directive 96/9 / EC on the legal protection of
FOCUS must expressly authorize the establishment of hypertext links (hyperlinks) to another website addressed to the
home page of this WEBSITE or to any other internal page thereof, provided that the corresponding pages appear in a
complete window. and under its own e-mail addresses.

The rights not expressly granted above are reserved to FOCUS or, as the case may be, to third party collaborators.
All trade names, trademarks or distinctive signs, logos, symbols, mixed marks, figurative or nominative names appearing
on this WEBSITE belong to FOCUS or it is FOCUS who has, with prior authorization, the right to use, and are protected by
current legislation in this regard.


Use of the services available on this WEBSITE by minors requires that they have obtained prior
authorization from their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be held legally responsible for any of
the acts. carried out by the minors in their care.

Legal representatives of minors have full responsibility for access to Internet content and services
of such minors. To do this, they have software and tools to block and filter access to inappropriate content or
websites for minors.


The legislation applicable to this LEGAL NOTICE will be the Spanish legislation, and the competent
jurisdiction to know any of the demands that this WEBSITE raises will be that of the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona
capital. You expressly waive any other jurisdiction that may apply to you.