Alegría: Cirque Du Soleil’s best-loved show returns


In 2024, Alegría, Cirque du Soleil’s most emblematic classic, returns.

Renewed and adapted to new audiences and current generations, the show returns on stage, presenting the powerful story of the conflict in the kingdom of Alegría, where we will be witnesses of the struggle between the old established order and a new young and revolutionary movement, driven by hope and yearning for change.

The show, Cirque du Soleil’s most beloved since its premiere in 1994, has played more than 7,000 performances in 250 cities and has already conquered the hearts of more than 14 million viewers worldwide.

The tour scheduled for 2024 has the following dates and locations:

– Barcelona, March 20th

– Malaga, May 31st

– Alicante, July 16th

– Seville, September 28th

– Madrid, December 4th