ALGUNS DIES D’AHIR, a co-production of Focus and TV3 won the Intermedia-Globe Silver Award at the World Media Festivals.


The film, written by Jordi Casanovas and directed by Kiko Claverol, tells the life of a family in the turbulent days surrounding 1 October 2017 and how the difference of political opinions came to confront friends and family. Focusing on the wounds still open in the population.

The telefilm is based on the original play by Jordi Casanovas, which we saw in La Villaroel from 26 May to 27 June 2023. It is supported by the ICEC and has an outstanding cast consisting of Abel Folk, Míriam Iscla, Francesc Cuéllar and Marta Ossó.

A few days ago, which had already been nominated for the Gaudí Award for Best Film for Television, the Intermedia-Globe Silver Award for Best Entertainment TV Movie was presented in 2023, ranking as one of the most notable television productions of the year worldwide.

In Hamburg, Germany, the World Media Festivals reward the most media pieces, broadcast or not, from around the world. Therefore, to receive this award goes beyond recognition to the team that made the film possible, it represents a high positioning for local drama and Catalan cinema.