In April 1974 the Carnation Revolution broke out. Three young Spanish students, Violeta, Javier and Ramón, travel to Lisbon to experience firsthand the birth of democracy in the neighboring country. 50 years later, Javier visits Violeta with a bouquet of carnations. Ramón, her partner, has just died. The meeting starts badly. They haven’t seen each other for 40 years and there are still resentments and silences. He arrives ready to reveal the silence, what he does not imagine is everything that she hides. The past unfolds: betrayals and loves, political ambitions and lost utopias. Yesterday and the present intermingle, also the personal and the political. Particular disappointments become ideological. Flying over the discussion, weaving it together, the Carnation Revolution. After 40 years of disagreement and losses between Javier and Violeta, it is emerging as the place to return to. Return physically, but also with memory. Recover the emotion, the illusion of a shared future. CLAVELES proposes a round trip to the place where she was illuminated, they await you.