Catalan Authorship: Proximity dramaturgies make a strong entrance on stages


The dramaturgies of proximity are on the rise and Focus theaters are proud to program plays written by Catalan authors, demonstrating the quality and good results of local voices and texts.

Thus, in our theaters, we have plays such as Conqueridors written by Ramon Madaula, at the Teatro Goya; América by Sergi Pompermayer, a play that won 2 Butaca Awards (Best New Actress for Tamara Ndong and Best Supporting Actress for Mireia Aixalà) and 1 Critics Award (Best Actress for Mireia Aixalà), and Smiley. Després del amor by Guillem Clua, second part of the play that conquered thousands of spectators (both on stage and in its audiovisual adaptation), at La Villarroel; Lali Symon by Sergi Belbel, a play about the professional and family sacrifices of women and the relationship between mothers and daughters, and Tot l’any pot ser Nadal by Jaume Viñas and Daniel Anglès, modern adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic in monologue form, at the Teatre Romea and Escape Room 2 by Hèctor Claramunt and Joel Joan, direct sequel to the thriller that was taken to the big screen by the same team and that has been in the top 10 most watched films on the Netflix platform for months, at the Teatre Condal.