El padre arrives in Madrid


El Padre, the Spanish version of El pare, will premiere at the Teatro Bellas Artes in Madrid in 2024.

The work by Florian Zeller, directed by Josep Maria Mestres and starring Josep Maria Pou, arrives in Madrid after its success in Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia.

El pare, the catalan version of the show, starred Josep Maria Pou, Rosa Renom, Victòria Pagès, Josep Julien, Pep Pla and Mireia Illamola. The play was on display at the Teatre Romea from December 17, 2022 to February 26, 2023 with enormous critical and public success, with most performances sold out. At the end of its season in the Barcelona theater, El pare began an extensive and successful tour throughout the catalan-speaking territory.

Now, once the tour of the production in catalan is over, El padre, the spanish version of the same production, will arrive in Madrid, again with Josep Maria Pou leading the cast, which on this occasion will be completed by Cecilia Soraguren, Elvira Cuadrupani, Jorge Kent, Alberto Iglesias and Lara Grube.

This September, rehearsals have begun in the state capital, ahead of the next premiere at the Teatro Bellas Artes, where it will premiere on March 6 and will be on display until April 28, 2024.