Bel Montoya


How would you define yourself as a theatre-goer? What do you like, what don’t you like? What kinds of shows do you like? What “hobbies” do you have? What habits? Who do you usually go there with?
I’m a theater lover!!! I like all kinds of theater… even the musicals that many Russian theater friends despise.
I don’t like “commercial” theater like Edu Soto or Baby Boom that prioritize entertainment over interpretation.
Mania? I follow some directors and/or actors or actresses unconditionally. I love Shakespeare and less the Russian authors.
I have seen several versions of the same work. For example, Arte, interpreted by Flotats-Darín-PereArquillué…I did the same with Hamlet…
I don’t mind buying pre-sale tickets months in advance and booking a date and show if it’s worth it.
I usually always go accompanied. Before with my partner and currently with a friend or group of Russian theater friends, depending on the play.

What other cultural activities, beyond the theatre, do you usually practice?
Cinema and cineforum in Boliche, Girona or Verdi, exhibitions, jazz, classical and opera concerts (if the budget allows), and also modernist guided tours or similar; the last one was at the Viader family estate in Cardedeu.

What is the best memory you have of a show at the Teatre Condal?
Having been able to enjoy the show La extraña pareja with the parents and Gerónimo Stilton’s musical with my daughter (who has a disability and does not like the theater).

What about the other Focus theaters (Teatre Romea, Teatre Goya, La Villarroel)?
Romea and Goya were the theaters of my beginnings when I was a university student. From Romea, the Incendis montage, by Wajdi Mouawad, would stand out; of Goya, Los Chicos de Historia and Sócrates; by La Villarroel, Othelo, a version by Argentine actors.

What expectations do you have for this season of the Teatre Condal? What would you highlight from the scheduled shows? What surprised you the most? What do you most want to see?
Enjoying shows that I would not have chosen due to prejudice or ignorance… such as Alan, Gordas, or Una llum timida.
Mha surprès that other plays are performed at the Teatre Condal in addition to musicals or comedies.

With which 3 values do you associate the experience of going to the Teatre Condal?

What is your main motivation for being a member of the Teatre Condal Audience Council?
Being able to share sensations and experiences lived by going to the theater and participate in the theater program.

What do you think the Public Council can be used for?
To adapt the theatrical offer to the expectations of the current public, as well as to social changes.

What do you think you can contribute as a member of the Public Council?
Experience, passion for theatre, knowledge of the single/senior group.