El cuarto de atrás

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el cuarto de atras

A woman at night. A house and an unexpected visit. She, a writer, was preparing to spend the hours alone, but a mysterious man has arrived and he comes with forgotten questions. What was in the back room? This is a journey through light and memory, the fear of shadow and the search for meaning. A brave look at the past that keeps secrets and at the words that, sometimes, can save us.

Adaptation and dramaturgy: María Folguera
Director: Rakel Camacho
Cast: Emma Suárez, rest of current cast

Scenography: Jose Luis Raymond
Lighting: Javier Diaz Alegría
Music: Pablo Peña
Stage movement: Julia Monje
Executive production: Rafa Romero de Ávila 
It is a production of Lantia Escénica

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