El favor

Espectacle en català
90 minutes
el favor teatre goya

What would you be willing to do for a friend?

Cesc, a man of forty and so many, wants to be a father. For years he and Clara, his wife, have been trying and don't get away, so he organizes a dinner to ask his best friends for a little favor.
The four of them are lifelong friends, love each other and know each other. They are used to talking with irony and jokes, but the request of Cesc will force them to be absolutely sincere, provoke discussions and lead them to question what paternity, family, trust, and especially their friendship is, and they will realize that perhaps not everything is explained, that they have secrets.
What seemed to be any dinner, will end up being a night that they will never forget.

Authorship: Susanna Garachana
Direction: Xavier Ricart
Cast: Eduard Buch, David Marcé, Jordi Rico and Marc Rodríguez 

With the voice of Cristina Genebat
Scenography: Anna Tantull
Vestuary and characterization: Núria Llunell
Lighting: Jaume Ventura 
Sound space: Joan Camprodon
Production management: Maite Pijuan
Executive production: Àlvar Rovira
Technical office management: Moi Cuenca
Technical Office: David Ruiz
Direction assistant: Anna Carreño
Production assistant: Sira Castells
Stage manager: Xavi Carreras
Theatre technical chief: Roger Muñoz
Marketing and communication: Focus
Photographic report: David Ruano
Graphic design: Santi&Kco
Contributors: Jorge de La Garza, Mikakus, Montibello 
With the support of: Generalitat de Catalunya - ICEC Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals
Distribution: Sergi Calleja (
It's a coproduction of Focus and Mola Produccions


el favor teatre goya
el favor en el teatre goya
el favor al teatre goya de barcelona