La Batalla de los Ausentes

Espectacle en castellà
90 minutes
la batalla de los ausentes al teatre romea de barcelona

La Zaranda, Teatro Inestable de Ninguna Parte, celebrates with this work 45 years on the stages of the world.
The commemoration of a forgotten battle brings together the meager remains of a troop. They are barely distinguishable from the ghosts they evoke, those who were buried together with fear and glory, in the trenches. It could be said that they were definitely defeated by time, defeated by the hostilities of fate, however, they have not given up hope of performing one last glorious feat.
At the annual meeting they plan to perpetrate the assault on power, they dream of a revenge that ends the injustices and end up between ambitions and rivalries.
In the exploration of limits in which La Zaranda always works, this BATALLA DE LOS AUSENTES moves between the elegiac and the farce, constituting in the key of humor a stark allegory of the present.

By: Eusebio Calonge
Direction: Paco de La Zaranda

Cast: Gaspar Campuzano, Enrique Bustos and Francisco Sanchez

Scenic space: Paco de La Zaranda
Lighting: Eusebio Calonge

Executive production: La Zaranda / Sergi Calleja

A co-production of Teatre Romea and Teatro La Zaranda


la batalla de los ausentes