Tot l’any pot ser Nadal

Espectacle en català
75 minutes
tot l'any pot ser nadal
Joan Pera invites us all to the Romea Theatre to live Charles Dickens' Christmas story! A unique production full of comedy, emotion and fantasy that will show us the most tender part of Grandpa Joan, a man who has forgotten the spirit of Christmas, as does Mr Scrooge, the mythical character of Dickens who lives the parties with avarice and loneliness.
As Avi Joan says: whether it’s Christmas or Sant Joan’s Day, at the table you will always have a dish because if we strive... ALL YEAR ROUND CAN BE CHRISTMAS!

Authorship and co-direction: Jaume Viñas (inspired by Charles Dickens' classic tale)
Direction: Daniel Anglès
Joan Pera – Avi Joan
With the voices of: Mont Plans, Roger Pera, Cristina Mauri and Irene Jódar
Scenography: Sergi Corbera
Vestuary and characterization: Núria Llunell
Lighting: Sergi Corbera and Víctor Cárdenas
Original music: Uri Plana and Roger Argemí
Soundspace: Roger Giménez
Videocreation: Merlí Borrell
Production management: Maite Pijuan
Executive production: Àlvar Rovira
Technical direction: Moi Cuenca
Technical coordination: David Ruiz

ting assistant: Paula Font
Department: Blai Pera
Technical heads of the theatre: Sergi Lobaco and Raúl Martínez
Pyrotechnic effects: Pantera Produzione 
Scenography construction: Jorba-Miró Estudi-Taller d’escenografia
Musical production: Doreste Records
Marketing and communication: Teatre Romea
Graphic design: Santi&Kco
Photographic report: David Ruano    

Col·laborators: Smeg, Jorge de la Garza, Montibello
Acknowledgments: Alumnes de TIM Infantil d’Aules · Arts Escèniques

Institutions: Generalitat de Catalunya - ICEC Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals
Distribution: Sergi Calleja (  
It's a Focus production


tot l'any pot ser nadal en el teatre romea
tot l'any pot ser nadal en el teatre romea
tot l'any pot ser nadal en el teatre romea