Fifth cenacle with Josep Maria Pou


On April 8, 2024, the fifth meeting of Àfora Focus took place at Club Matador, one of the activities of the Platea 618 program which aims to connect and foster the relationship between professionals in the Barcelona and Madrid sector. On this occasion the main guest was the director and actor Josep María Pou who, taking advantage of his stay at the Teatro Bellas Artes de Madrid with El Padre, shared a long conversation – moderated by Daniel Martínez, president of Focus – with María Adánez, Natalia Álvarez, Miguel del Arco, Ernesto Caballero, Raquel Camacho, Juan Echanove, María Folguera, Andrés Lima, Luis Luque, Luisa Martín, Juan Mayorga, José Sacristán, Pepe Zapata, Lorena Benito, Rafa Romero and the management of the Focus Group.