poetry without net


On Monday, April 22, coinciding with the celebration of Sant Jordi, the Romea Foundation holds a poetry concert. Miguel Gane and Patricia Benito will present their latest artistic works. The event revealed how poetry achieves its maximum expressiveness when it is recited in public, without intermediaries or social networks. He proposed a meeting to share his vision of the world, a world where love, passion, chance encounters, the discovery of the unknown, hope and disappointment are some of the emotions that drive men and women to connect with poetry and dialogue with it.

Patricia Benito, introduces us


Un cuerpo agotado is a moving and deeply intimate work. Patricia Benito, known for her ability to move her readers with unparalleled sincerity and empathy, presents us in this work with her most personal and revealing side.

The author guides us through her most intimate experiences with a touching honesty, allowing us to delve into our internal struggles and achievements, reminding us of the importance of loving and understanding ourselves in a world that often pushes us in the opposite direction.

“I tried to take refuge in a room of about seven square meters, not always in the same city. From her you can see the birds and their nests, also sunset, never the moon. This place, spread over the world, has in common a window, a mirror, a living plant and these bones. Different views, plants and mirrors, but always the same home: my body.

This has nothing to do with the form as much as with the substance: with a soul tired of fighting against various merciless armies embedded within it. Of me. Against an obscenely evil and timidly kind world, against the inability to love and care; against fear, which is what breaks everything.

I curled up until I could open my eyes. I crawled until I was able to walk. Getting up was already a revolution.

This book is almost a miracle.”

Miguel Gane, introduces us


Nos faltón bailar is a love story that has poetry and music in one voice. They are those things that we share, but also those that we leave without an owner. They are the kisses of meeting and the hugs of farewell, the trips we took and the airplane seats we never occupied. It’s laughter over tears, it’s a rascally verse and the beauty of silence, knowing that saying goodbye doesn’t always mean saying goodbye. We missed dancing and we don’t know very well why, nor what song we had chosen and maybe that’s why all this poetry exists.