Presentation of La noche de los muertos vivientes ¡LIVE!


On Thursday, September 21, the media presentation of La noche de los muertos vivientes ¡LIVE! will be made at the Teatre Condal. The event will begin at 4 p.m. with exclusive access for the media to the Scary Tour, a sinister tour through the bowels of the theater only suitable for the most daring. Next, there will be a show of scenes from the show where the media will be able to see the immersive experience that will be lived in the Splash Zone, which are the best seats in the theater and with the audience protected with raincoats to cover themselves from the blood, the viscera and the pieces of brain that will fall on them. At the end of the graphics screening, the company, accompanied by Daniel Anglès, artistic director of the Teatre Condal and responsible for the adaptation of the work, will present the show to the media.
La noche de los muertos vivientes ¡LIVE! will begin performances on Friday, September 22 and the official premiere will be on Thursday, October 5.