Presentation of the 3rd season of Àfora Focus


On October 3, the third season of Àfora Focus, the agora of Grup Focus, was presented at the Teatre Romea. The event was attended by Daniel Martínez de Obregón, president of Grup Focus, Fèlix Riera, director of the Fundació Romea, and Pepe Zapata, director of Institutional Relations of Grup Focus. The presentation served both to take stock of previous seasons and to detail the activities that will be part of the new season of Àfora Focus, divided into five main branches: the Fundació Romea, Àfora edicions, Espectadors, La 5ª paret and Platea 618.

Fèlix Riera, director of the Fundació Romea, presented the proposals that can be seen during this new season, focused on three cycles: Thinking with your hands, Poetry without a net and The animal and its circumstances.

Riera also announced some of the new titles that will be part of the Àfora Edicions collection, such as Quadern de notes, by Josep Maria Pou, and Àlbum de teatre, an exhaustive compilation of photographs taken by David Ruano of the works that have been in the Grup Focus theaters. He also announced the second edition of the Premi Santa Eulalia de Novel·la de Barcelona for 2024.

Pepe Zapata, head of the Audience area, recalled the First International Congress of Theater Spectators, and announced two new initiatives: the Audience Councils and the Grans Teatrerus social project. He has also introduced the new members of the International Advisory Board and announced the dates of the II International Congress of Theater Spectators, which will take place from November 18 to 20, 2024.

Daniel Martínez de Obregón, president of Grup Focus, spoke about La 5ª Paret, which this season has two main axes around which the various artistic proposals will be built: Senescence and lies. Lali Symon by Sergi Belbel, El Padre (in Madrid) by Florian Zeller, Las guerras de nuestros antepasados by Miguel Delibes and Las Bacantes by Euripides will embody the montages that convey the two themes.

On the other hand, within the Platea 618 area, which aims to solidify the links between professionals from Madrid and Barcelona, ​​four cenacles will be held (two in Madrid and two in Barcelona) starring, respectively, Pere Arquillué, Josep Maria Pou , Claudio Tolcachir and Pablo Messiez.