The 1st International Congress of Theatre Spectators culminates with overwhelming success.


The I International Congress of Theater Spectators finished, an event which has been charged with reflecting on and discussing the public figure and their relationship with the theatre scene. 625 enrollees, 28 countries and five continents have witnessed the success of the initiative.

The most notorious event, not only of the day, but of the entire Congress, has been the reading of the Barcelona Spectators’ Manifesto. The document, thought and drafted by viewers during the months of pre-conferences and with the information collected during the three days, has been read by representatives of the collective while the other international experts occupied the stage of the work Paraíso perdido, evoking a poetic image of hope and progress. The manifesto, divided into three parts, has shown the reasonable questions, beliefs and desires surrounding the public figure and their participation in stage productions.

Daniel Martínez has already announced the second edition of the Congress of spectators that will take place in the autumn of 2024 in Barcelona. And both participation and the reception of assistants have made the event an unquestionable success. In addition, the challenges and perspectives that have been raised make a second edition an absolute necessity.