Y…Lo que el viento se llevó arrives at the Teatro Pavón de Madrid


After passing through Barcelona, where it fell in love with critics and audiences, and a long tour throughout Spain, he arrives at the Pavón Theater in Madrid Y…lo que el viento se llevó, a play by Ron Hutchinson adapted by Daniel Anglès and directed by José Troncoso. Starring Gonzálo de Castro, Pedro Mari Sánchez, José Bustos and Carmen Barrantes, it is a Focus production and will be on display at the Madrid theater from November 22 to January 7, 2024.

The work narrates, in a comedy key, the preparation for the filming of the film classic Gone with the Wind. On stage we can follow step by step each of the obstacles that had to be overcome to make one of the most iconic and emblematic films of all time. Through the characters of film producer David O. Selznick, his sharp and infallible secretary, Ms. Poppenghul, his great friend and excellent screenwriter, Ben Hetch and the talented, although impossible character, director Victor Fleming we will learn this fascinating story about the golden Hollywood of the 30s. Lights, camera… Action!