We design and produce the opening ceremony.


2022 Women’s World Hockey Championship

The Focus events division will carry out the design and production of the opening ceremony of the women’s hockey world championship that will be held in Terrassa on June 30 at night in the Iglesias de Sant Pere de Terrassa Monumental Complex.

The championship will be held jointly with the Dutch federation (KNHB) as co-host and co-organizer, and will take place from July 1 to 17, 2022, and 16 National Teams will participate divided into four groups, two in Spain and two in the Netherlands, and The group stage will take place in each of the two venues.

Without revealing relevant aspects of the act, the ceremony will have a clear reference to women’s sport, and to the organizing city -Terrassa-, as a benchmark city for this sport, with a great cultural, industrial, welcoming and inclusive history.

A fully audiovisual staging has been designed with a creative aesthetic concept that brings together the values ​​of the competition.