El Favor by Susanna Garachana arrives at the Teatre Goya


Last Thursday, April 11, the show El favor by Susanna Garachana, a comedy about paternity and friendship directed by Xavier Ricart and starring David Marcè, Jordi Rico, Eduard Buch and Marc Rodríguez, premiered at Teatre Goya. The play, Garachana’s first work, raises, in an eminently masculine context, the difficulties in talking about certain issues and how far one would be willing to go for a friend.

In these first days of exhibition, the positive reactions, both from the audience and the critics, have not been long in coming and the cultural reviews highlight how the text modifies the perspective and changes the rules of the game, putting four men in a situation that, usually, would be conveyed by female characters. Thus, in Recomana, Andreu Sotorra writes: “It is not very common to see four men -some separated, but with children- on stage talking about the desire or not to be fathers. It seems as if the taboo subject were destined only to be the concern of women who want or don’t want to be mothers. And it is even less usual to see four men on stage animated with a plot loaded with humor and willing to discuss a rather transcendental issue such as assisted reproduction“.

Also, Sílvia Moreno Palomar, in Teatre Barcelona, talks about the show: “Funny, agile and intelligent, it is a real surprise for the spectator, who discovers a text, signed by Susanna Garachana, honest and open, that speaks directly and brings to the forefront a topic, parenthood, which is not usually represented in such a sincere way”.

The show will be on stage until May 19.