Escape Room 2: The Second part of this thriller, acclaimed by the public and critics, arrives at the Teatre Condal.


Tuesday, December 12, 2023, Escape Room 2, direct continuation of the first part that conquered thousands of spectators both in the theater and on Netflix, the platform where its film version was released, has premiered at the Teatre Condal. The show, starring Joel Joan, Paula Vives, Borja Espinosa, Agnès Busquets and Irene Jódar, is a production of Arriska, Nakatomi and Focus.

The team formed by Hèctor Claramunt and Joel Joan reintroduces us to the original characters who, in this new installment, will have to face, once again, a dangerous and perverse game and tests that will endanger their lives while dark secrets and forgotten truths come to light.

With this second part of the saga, Escape Room 2 raises the stakes with a montage full of tension, halfway between thriller and comedy, and with technical devices and scenographic resources that will leave the audience speechless.

For both the four victims and the spectators of the Condal, the game has only just begun.