Dani Rodríguez Millán


How would you define yourself as a theatre-goer? What do you like, what don’t you like? What kinds of shows do you like? What “hobbies” do you have? What habits? Who do you usually go there with?
Passive spectator with the intention of being entertained and amused. I tend to schedule my work and cultural schedule in advance, used to taking the corridor as much as possible. I like comedy, suspense/intrigue, monologues and musicals. I go with my wife usually, sometimes with the children and sporadically alone.

What other cultural activities, beyond the theatre, do you usually practice?
Musical shows and concerts; we also tried dance and opera. I also like magic.

What is the best memory you have of a show at the Teatre Condal?
The face of emotion and attention of my children with the Gerónimo Stilton show.

What about the other Focus theaters (Teatre Romea, Teatre Goya, La Villarroel)?
The selfie with one of my favorite actors, Joan Pera.

What expectations do you have for this season of the Teatre Condal? What would you highlight from the scheduled shows? What surprised you the most? What do you most want to see?
High expectations of being able to check at the premieres of the works the quality of the show scheduled like the ones we have been able to attend so far. The musicals Alan and L’amor particular surprised us very pleasantly.

With which 3 values do you associate the experience of going to the Teatre Condal?

What is your main motivation for being a member of the Teatre Condal Audience Council?
Being able to attend the premieres of the works and share the experiences lived and learn from the other members of the Council.

What do you think the Public Council can be used for?
To give feedback to the director and the theater’s programming and check first-hand the real effect the work has on the viewer.

What do you think you can contribute as a member of the Public Council?
My little grain of sand and my modest opinion and experience of the show and my life in relation to culture.