Mari Carmen Gallarda


How would you define yourself as a theatre-goer? What do you like, what don’t you like? What kinds of shows do you like? What “hobbies” do you have? What habits? Who do you usually go there with?
I go to the theater more or less 2 or 3 times a week, whether it’s a play as such, or Fundació Romea on Mondays. or seasonal presentation. or open trial at TNC… I used to always go with someone but now I don’t mind going alone and not missing what I want to see due to availability of dates.
As a spectator, I love the Grec stage and I’m dying to go to Merida, but I have to say that I’m quite eclectic: I can like modern performances, musicals or super classical theatre, I think you have to see everything and “take risks” in to a certain extent, but it is true that there are theaters whose programming does not appeal to me and I do not go there, such as Borrás except for Concha Velasco in Reina Juana, of course.
In any show, I appreciate the effort and work behind and in front of it, but not everything is worth it, and if at one point in the play my head goes to the shopping list… it’s because it doesn’t catch me and I disconnect.

I would love to have a leisure assistant to organize season tickets for the theaters for me, but the reality is that my closest people go to the theater because I organize them.
Mania? I choose row 4 or 5 although in each theater it varies a little to see even the drops of sweat and when a cell phone rings I think it should be penalized, also noisy candy and people talking. I like to attend the post-function colloquium.

What other cultural activities, beyond the theatre, do you usually practice?
Photography exhibition at the KBR and the Virreina, Casa Seat, concerts, dramatized readings, 48h Open House, I have taken guitar and acting lessons.

What is the best memory you have of a La Villarroel show?
The Skull of Connemara.

What about the other Focus theaters (Teatre Romea, Teatre Goya, Teatre Condal)?
King Lear of Atalaya Teatro, La Trena, Golfus de Rome.

What are your expectations for this season of La Villarroel? What would you highlight from the scheduled shows? What surprised you the most? What are you most looking forward to seeing?
There are several shows that I watched last season like America and History of a Boar that I loved and I really like Elling and Conspiranoia. I think that La Villarroel’s editorial line is always a guarantee and that’s why my expectations are high. Surprised perhaps by Dirrrty Boys, by the theme, tremendous.

With which 3 values do you associate the experience of going to La Villarroel?

What is your main motivation to be a member of the Public Council of La Villarroel?
I am interested in collaborating on something that worries me, the continuity of the theater due to a lack of spectators. And I think that the theatre, in its two aspects, as a spectator or as an amateur performer or not, is a fundamental part of training people in terms of values such as teamwork, curiosity, effort.

What do you think the Public Council can be used for?
For the public to approach the organization/management of the theater and for the theater to have a direct line with what the public feels and how they feel, literally in their seats and how the productions they program reach them since a good campaign of marketing can lift a work.

What do you think you can contribute as a member of the Public Council?
My critical and sensitive vision as a person close to the theater and who enjoys the multiple cultural offerings, with a broad career as a spectator.