Mònica Mussons


How would you define yourself as a theatre-goer? What do you like, what don’t you like? What kinds of shows do you like? What “hobbies” do you have? What habits? Who do you usually go there with?
When I go to the theater I like to feel emotions. I like to laugh, but also feel anxiety, sadness, so that when it comes out I don’t feel indifferent. I also like musicals. I like to go there at the weekend because I’m more rested, but I can also go there during the week. I usually go with my daughter, a drama student, so she gives me a more “professional” opinion. She also takes me to small, not so commercial, shows.

What other cultural activities, beyond the theatre, do you usually practice?
Sometimes I go to dance shows, and to the cinema of course.

What is the best memory you have of a show at the Teatre Condal?
I saw Escape Room 1 with the whole family (non-theatre buffs) and we had a great time. This year I saw A Particular Love, and I liked it too.

What about the other Focus theaters (Teatre Romea, Teatre Goya, La Villarroel)?
To say a play from each theater, we just saw Love, love, love and we really liked it. I also saw The most beautiful body that will ever be found and I was impressed by the great performance of Pere Arquillué. Last season we also went to see La trena, and according to my daughter, a brutal performance by all the actresses.

What expectations do you have for this season of the Teatre Condal? What would you highlight from the scheduled shows? What surprised you the most? What do you most want to see?
I see that the remaining works are very fun, to have a good time. Maybe I’d like to go see Escape Room II, and the musical Alan.

With which 3 values do you associate the experience of going to the Teatre Condal?

What is your main motivation for being a member of the Teatre Condal Audience Council?
To give my opinion, to know how the world of theater works from the inside, and of course, to be able to enjoy the premiere of a play.

What do you think the Public Council can be used for?
Bring the ideas and opinions of the public closer to professionals in the theater world.

What do you think you can contribute as a member of the Public Council?
Being able to contribute ideas as a theater enthusiast, but without professional involvement.