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la gramatica
Let's imagine that one day, accidentally, a conventional woman became an accomplished scholar of language and grammar overnight. How would this circumstance change your life? Would you see, as they say, your personal and professional horizons broadened or, on the contrary, would these new skills worry you about the marginalization of your environment?
Let us imagine, in turn, a renowned neuroscientist willing to subject the woman to an intensive process of linguistic deprogramming in the opposite direction to that carried out by Dr. Higgins on the flower girl Liza Doolitle in the famous work Pygmalion, by Bernard Shaw. In this case it would not be a matter of verbally refining the character, but, conversely, of returning him to his primary state of expressive limitation to avoid, in this way, the social maladjustment disorders caused by his inappropriate accident.

Author and direction: Ernesto Caballero
María Adánez - Subject
José Troncoso - Therapist

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Production director: Maite Pijuan
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Assistant Director: Pablo Quijano

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