Focus designs and produces the Banco Sabadell Companies of the Year Awards with El Periódico


The Banco Sabadell Company of the Year Awards value the efforts of the Catalan business community and its contribution to progress. This year, the result of the companies’ efforts translates into job creation.

Among the top 6 awards is the company +industria 4.0, the first edition of this award that goes to Picvisa for using artificial intelligence in the recycling process. Another notable award is that of the +innovative company, which this year went to Peptomyc for finding a revolutionary therapy to fight cancer. Finally, within this block, we want to highlight the +inclusive company award that this year goes to Do Good, an initiative to help girls remain girls fighting against child marriage.

On the other hand, the Entrepreneur of the Year award went to Marco Sansavini for his leadership at the head of Vueling. Finally, the gala closed with the presentation of the Company of the Year award given to Aguas de Barcelona for its search for answers to guarantee the quality of urban life and environmental protection.