Great Success of El Padre in Madrid


After having stayed in different cities in Spain such as Bilbao, Valencia or A Coruña, among others, El Padre has arrived in Madrid and his success has been dazzling.

The work, starring José María Pou, is the Spanish version of El pare, one of the biggest successes that the Catalan box office has experienced in recent years.

José María Pou, accompanied on stage by Alberto Iglesias, Cecilia Solaguren, Jorge Kent, Elvira Cuadrupani and Lara Grube, began performances of El padre at the Teatro Bellas Artes last March 6 and since then the Madrid public has filled the venues night after night, being moved by the story of Andrés, a man who, little by little, is losing his memory.

To its success with the public we must also add the unanimous acclaim of the critics to the work of Florian Zeller and to the memorable interpretation, once again, of José María Pou.