Great Successes at Focus Theatres


This beginning of the year 2024 is being an unbeatable period for the Grup Focus theaters. To the high quality of their shows we must add the extraordinary succes they are enjoying form critics and audience alike.

At the Teatre Condal, what is already the great success of the Catalan billboard this year, Escape Room 2, by Joel Joan and Hèctor Claramunt, remains on the billboard, the second part of the phenomenon that began 5 years ago at the Teatre Goya.

At La Villarroel, the audience continues to fill the audience to see, up close, the most sought-after actor of the moment, David Verdaguer who, along with Albert Prat, Albert Ribalta, Queralt Casasayas and Òscar Muñoz, stars in Elling.

The Teatre Goya is once again packed to capacity to experience La trena, a show that has sold out all its performances for the second consecutive season.

And, at the Teatre Romea, we have experienced the triumphant return of Josep Maria Flotats who, with Voltaire/Rousseau. La disputa, has once again demonstrated why he is considered a true legend of contemporary theater.