Prime Video has unveiled the first images from the highly anticipated original series Red Queen (Reina Roja)


Prime Video has unveiled the first images from the highly anticipated original series Red Queen (Reina Roja), which will premiere very soon on 29 February 2024. Red Queen will be available in over 240 countries and territories worldwide and is produced by Focus and Dopamine.

The adaptation of the first installment of the successful trilogy by Juan Gómez-Jurado (Reina Roja, Loba Negra, Rey Blanco) features seven episodes starring Vicky Luengo (Antidisturbios, Historias para no dormir) and Hovik Keuchkerian (La casa de papel, Antidisturbios). Koldo Serra (Sin huellas, La casa de papel) is the main director along with Julian de Tavira (Hernán), who signs episodes 4 and 6.

The cast is completed by Andrea Trepat (Mar de plástico, El club de los incomprendidos), Celia Freijeiro (Amor de madre, Vida perfecta), Nacho Fresneda (El Ministerio del Tiempo, Hospital Central),  Vicenta N’Dongo (Días mejores, En la ciudad), Karmele Larrinaga (Go!azen, Ane), Pere Brasó (70Binladens, Los últimos días), Fernando Guallar (Luis Miguel: La serie, Tras la pared), Eduardo Noriega (Inés del alma mía, Hache), Alex Brendemühl (El creyente, El sueño de Gabrielle), Urko Olazábal (Maixabel, Mithyabadi), Emma Suárez (Intimidad, La consagración de la primavera) and Selam Ortega (Madres, Reinas sin reino).

With an IQ of 242, Antonia Scott is officially the smartest person on Earth. Her intelligence earned her the “Red Queen” (Reina Roja) of a secret, experimental police project, but what seemed like a gift turns into a curse and she ends up losing everything. When the son of a powerful tycoon is found grotesquely murdered in his mansion, and the daughter of the richest man in Spain is kidnapped, the Red Queen (Reina Roja)  organization is set in motion. Mentor, Antonia’s former boss, turns to Jon Gutiérrez, a temperamental Basque policeman about to be expelled from the force, to reactivate Antonia. The twisted cat-and-mouse game in which Jon and Antonia become embroiled during their investigation will also help them discover that they admire and complement each other almost as much as they irritate each other. Reina Roja is a disturbing and different thriller, in which the city of Madrid is just another protagonist, and which combines the urgency and action of the investigation with the juicy and witty chemistry of its two protagonists.