The Big Top of Alegría installed in Barcelona.


The Big Top of Cirque du Soleil is already in Barcelona (Districte Cultural de L’Hospitalet) and is preparing for the premiere on March 20 of Alegría.

A team of sixty men and women has been working over the past few days to drive the piles, deploy the tarp and push the more than 100 poles that support the Big Top. A unique moment that marks the arrival of Cirque du Soleil to the city and, on this occasion, represents the European tent premiere of Alegría.

With capacity for 2,600 people, four 25-meter-high steel masts hold the tent upright and 500 piles are necessary to keep it well anchored on the more than 4,500 square meters of asphalt it occupies. The dome of the Big Top is located at a height of 19 meters and its diameter is 51 meters.

The complete installation of the Alegría venue, which travels in 85 trailers that transport 2,000 tons of material and equipment, is done in 8 days of work, including the installation of the Big Top, the access tent, the VIP tents and the rehearsal spaces.

Alegría can be enjoyed in Barcelona (L’Hospitalet Cultural District) starting March 20, 2024