The Grans Teatrerus Continue to Tour Through the Theaters Of Focus


Grans teatrerus, Àfora’s social initiative, continues with activities such as those that have taken place in recent weeks, in which project participants have been able to share their experiences with the theatrical figures that they have been able to see live thanks to this program.

On March 5, the Grans teatrerus were able to enjoy the Voltaire/Rousseau. La disputa at the Teatre Romea, a play by Jean-François Prévand starring Josep Maria Flotats and Pep Planas, and they were able to enjoy a prior chat with the two performers of the play, who revealed some of the interior details of the play. And last Thursday, March 14, the Grans teatrerus repeated the experience with Elling, at La Villarroel, where they were able to enjoy a talk with David Verdaguer prior to the evening’s performance and a post-performance discussion with the entire Company.

Thus, this social initiative, led by Pepe Zapata and included within the Àfora thought hub, continues with increasing attention from the public and media.