Total Success Of the Cap Butaca Buida


This past Saturday, March 16, the first edition of Cap butaca buida took place, an initiative of ADETCA, Time Out and the Catalan Corporation for Audiovisual Media with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Provincial Council of Barcelona and the Barcelona City Council and the success has been total.

A total of 55,583 tickets sold for a percentage of 92% occupancy have made this day a world record for theatergoers.

The initiative, which had 176 shows offered in 145 theater spaces associated with the proposal, filled up from early in the morning, when the theaters are filled with families attending the children’s shows, as well as proposals for adult audiences at the time of vermouth, an increasingly common schedule in many European cities, until the afternoon and evening, the most common schedules in our country’s halls, which were full to overflowing.

With regard to the theaters of the Focus Group, the great success of the initiative should be highlighted, selling out tickets for all the shows that occupied the theaters Goya, Romea, La Villarroel and Condal theaters, with critical and public successes such as Elling, Escape Room 2, Voltaire/Rousseau. La disputa and La trena, among others.

After what has already been considered the country’s great theatrical day, a Sant Jordi of the performing arts, there is already a date for the second edition, which will take place on March 22, 2025.