Pilar García Cutillas


How would you define yourself as a theatre-goer? What do you like, what don’t you like? What kinds of shows do you like? What “hobbies” do you have? What habits? Who do you usually go there with?
I am fascinated by theater and other performing arts. I like the theater that makes me vibrate, reflect, leave with more questions than I had before entering, that moves me, that makes me forget time, that helps me see life from a new perspective I like theater that deals with a subject that appeals to me. I don’t like musicals in general. I have a habit of sitting in the front row whenever I can in rooms where it is convenient to do so. If the first row of the audience is uncomfortable, I look for the one in the amphitheater. I don’t like dodging the viewer’s head in front!! Yeah, yeah, yeah I usually go with a group of female fans from my town and I’m also in several WhatsApp groups in Barcelona where we organize outings to the theater followed by a social gathering over a drink. I don’t mind going alone but I prefer to go in a group.

What other cultural activities, beyond the theatre, do you usually practice?
I sing in a Choir, I was in a therapeutic theater group, I will participate in a dance performance at the municipal Christmas party, I am taking a writing course at the Ateneu Barcelonès, I am attending an artistic group workshop (painting, sculpture, architecture…) and another for musical auditions, and I am part of the town’s Knowledge Exchange Network. And, as a viewer, I go to the cinema avoiding “commercial” films. I prefer rooms like the Verdi, Girona, soon the Texas. I attend a film forum in Barcelona. I also like dance shows. And the occasional classical music concert. And some opera very occasionally.

What is the best memory you have of a La Villarroel show?
The fascination of seeing (in the front row, “of course”) the play Cost de Vida enjoying the body work of the actors. Impressive!!

What about the other Focus theaters (Teatre Romea, Teatre Goya, Teatre Condal)?
In La isla del aire I “reconciled” with Núria Espert. Since classical theater is not one of my favorites, she is an actress who has always seemed a little distant to me from the work. However, he was the coolest and most natural character. As someone in love with Menorca, it attracted me from the first moment.

What are your expectations for this season of La Villarroel? What would you highlight from the scheduled shows? What surprised you the most? What do you most want to see?
I hope to enjoy it as much as last season when I attended almost every show. The ones this season are quite different from each other, which I find very attractive. Being on the Council increases my curiosity for each of the proposals, as I will see them from a different perspective and with the influence of the other members of the Council. I was surprised (and pleased) that plays that have already been performed, such as America and The Desert Island, are repeated. I loved both when I saw them. I want to see Conspiranoia because I live the subject very intensely (with “chemtrails”). I’m curious to see how the conflict plays out.

With which 3 values do you associate the experience of going to La Villarroel?

What is your main motivation to be a member of the Public Council of La Villarroel?
Find out more about the scheduled works. Learn from the opinions of other members. Having the opportunity to witness aspects of each proposal (open rehearsals, direct information from those responsible for programming, explanations about the scenography, casting, etc.) that you would not know otherwise.

What do you think the Public Council can be used for?
To provide feedback from the point of view of theater lovers. People who are not professionals (such as critics or other actors, e.g.) who express how a function made us feel without taking into account the technical part.

What do you think you can contribute as a member of the Public Council?
The sincerity of the viewer’s point of view who admires almost everything that happens on a stage. The experience of having participated in artistic projects (dance, theater, singing) as an amateur, which allows me to assess the difficulty of each proposal. And also the emotional perspective of what the work makes me feel.