La presència

Show in Catalan
90 minutes
la presencia distribucio
La presència takes place during a night full of adrenaline and comedy in which the ghosts of a family will come to light.
Ernest and Sandra are at their father's farmhouse to accompany him during his last hours of life. Kiku, Sandra's partner, is also there to support them. While the brothers, who do not have much of a relationship, are catching up, the CAP doctor arrives, who does not know any of them. She goes up to see the father and, a few minutes later, she comes down and tells them what everyone expected: Climent has died. What no one expects is that, minutes later, the bell he used to call them will ring again. If the father is dead, who touched it?
From that moment on, skepticism and faith collide and inexplicable phenomena will increase, as will tension between the protagonists. Is this a paranormal event? Is it just a stormy night? Maybe Climent had something to clarify and that's why he speaks out... but, without a doubt, he is not the only one who keeps secrets. A series of confessions, of hidden truths, begin to come to light. Between the brothers, between the couple, and even with the doctor, who reveals a past of Climent's that none of them knew.

Authorship: Carmen Marfà and Yago Alonso
Direction: Pau Carrió
Cast: Nausicaa Bonnín, Pau Roca, Marc Rodríguez and Anna Sahun
Scenography: Paula Bosch
Vestuary: Pol Cornudella
Lighting: Guillem Gelabert
Production: Pol Cornudella and Adriana Nadal
Networks: Eladi Bonastre
Poster photography: Kiku Piñol
Graphic design: Edu Buch

Distribution: Sergi Calleja (
It is a coproduction of Sixto Paz Produccions and La Villarroel