The chameleon (the animal and its circumstances)


For a desire for invisibility that is not synonymous with disappearance. For an almost uncontainable intention of empathy that I advocate in the face of dominant polarization. For a claim to connect with the changes in the environment, the circumstances. To escape from immovable positions, governed by arrogance or ignorance. To break with dynamics that make us immovable in the face of a dying planet. To not become an avatar of my narcissism, and practice constant transformation. To complete my ambition as an author: to disappear under the skin of the characters.

Therefore, I will leave. I will be leaves and trunk, and I will learn from their wise conversations. Also of the silences. I will see everything, with my eyes of a visual amplitude of almost 360º. I will learn another way of listening, without hearing the words, but picking up even the slightest vibration. Maybe I’ll come back one day. Or maybe I will invite all those who want to escape from a farce they call reality, from a control they call freedom. We will live in love with a skin that will only be a reflection of what surrounds us, emancipated from monochromatic pigments, so boring and so stained with blood. Our stage will be mutable, adaptable and shared: The community of chameleons.